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Account Health Support Calls


Amazon Seller Support has a team known as AHS.  Emails from the Account Health Support Team are pre-suspension events. Currently not all selling accounts are AHS eligible and those that are not, are suspended according to SOP.  When a 3P account is AHS eligible they receive an email with a menacing subject line: URGENT: Your account at risk of deactivation.  

I'm able to speak on the subject as I've initiated and/or managed 100+ AHS calls.  In my experience roughly 75% of sellers who receive an email from AHS Teams are in fact suspended within 72 hours.   The 25% of Sellers who manage to avoid suspension fall into these scenarios

  • False-Positive.

What's a false positive and how can they be explained? False positives are when Amazon's algorithms are acquiring signals that contribute to a probability score sufficient enough to suspend an account.  For accounts that are AHS eligible, the calls are your opportunity to explain why the signals are not accurate.

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Amazon's Punitive Algorithms Outlined.

 Seller Performance uses reward based and punitive based algorithms that act on Seller Accounts. Frontside work is visible on Amazon.com  and its ROI is measurable.

In a punitive based environment, It’s a blend of intuition, experience and caginess.

The Acronyms and definitions that I use here are ours.  We theorize that these algorithms exist and what their components are.  We also speculate on the advancements that these algorithms that we'll see in the next 90-180 days.  We also have ideas on how these will work in the future.  The future in Amazon language is 12-18 months.

We have no confirmation that anything that we say here is accurate or truthful.  

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Deep Dive BuzzFeed




Let's take  a deeper dive into Nicole Nguyen's recent article seen here.  I purchased the ASIN , that's an image of it on my desk (10-15-19). I'm going to speak about the seller, the product, and what this manipulation likely is. 

Amazon Seller Association I think you'll find that my assumptions are different and darker than Nicole's.  This article and  the corresponding video are not about the manipulation of the Amazon Choice badge.  I have additional content that speaks to that.  

 Here I'm just focusing on the basic idea put forth by Nicole at Buzzfeed.  That is, that a 3rd party seller is incentivizing reviews to sell low-quality products to unwitting Amazon Buyers.   And that by having 100+ positive reviews that the seller is succeeding in that endeavor.


Buzzfeed Headline Regarding Seller Manipulation of the Amazon Choice Badge.


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