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Get your suspended account re-instated

If you are an Amazon Seller, you would not be new to the challenges that come with the benefits of having a business presence on the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Sellers face many issues such as cash flow issues, excessive competition on the platform, the deadly price wars, constantly changing sales tax laws, category restrictions, among others. One of the most crucial issues faced by Amazon sellers is suspension from the platform. 

The suspension of your seller account can disrupt your revenue system drastically especially if a large part of your sales take place through Amazon. The biggest reason behind a suspended account is Amazon’s strict adherence strategy. For any given reason, if your selling process derails from the predefined standards for your account, you might get suspended without a warning and sometimes without knowing the reason. Now, how do you get yourself reinstated as a seller on Amazon?

That is where we come into the picture!

What we do

In the event your seller account gets suspended; we have a streamlined process for getting it reinstated. We have a team of experts who would carefully evaluate all the details and information to assess the cause of suspension of your account. After evaluating your case, they will help you in reinstating and appealing against the suspension.

As a seller, your efforts should be primarily towards reaching out to your target audience effectively and selling your products to more and more users. While you focus on growing your business, we take care of other factors such as help you adhere to the seller code of conduct and deal with different kinds of account suspensions.

Knowing about these various types of account suspensions and the reasons behind each of them could be overwhelming for a seller. Also, dealing with Amazon’s support for requesting reinstatement of an account could be a tedious and time-consuming process. At Amazon Sellers Association, we take care of getting your business reinstated as quickly as possible and with the least effort from your end. 

Process – How do we do it

We try our best to get your suspended seller account reinstated rapidly and we have a streamlined process for it along with a team of experts in various domains. We follow a 5-step process:

Our team of experts will evaluate your suspension case and figure out the reason behind this action from Amazon. We will need your help to figure out the same, therefore, our experts will ask you questions regarding the events leading up to the suspension. While we never log into your seller account, we may use remote desktop software to examine your account with you.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will present our findings to you and clearly explain the reason behind your account suspension. This will also form the basis of the suspension appeal for your seller account.

Next, we decide how to approach Amazon for reinstating your account, and most of the efforts here are towards drafting a clear and concise appeal letter on your behalf. The plan will also include the relevant steps that you need to take as a seller to resolve current suspension and avoid any in future.

In some cases, we may ask for a screen share session to examine your account alongside you.

The appeal is presented to Amazon’s concerned team and further information exchange and follows up is ensured to get your account reinstated. Some Amazon sellers may prefer to take our insights and incorporate them into their document. Even if you are a seasoned writer of POA’s, the valuable insights from our contributions will increase the likelihood of your reinstatement.

Once the suspended seller account is reinstated, we lay out a prevention strategy for you to not face suspension again in the future. It is not uncommon for selling accounts to be suspended shortly after being reinstated. This is due to a lag of additional negative signals that have not yet hit the account. Rest assured, when we reinstate your selling privileges, we protect you against this possibility.

Why us?

The Amazon Sellers Association has been serving Amazon sellers across categories for more than 10 years now. We have resolved more than 5000 policy defects, code of conduct violations and their suspended seller accounts. We’ve dealt with the most complex and difficult situations facing a suspended account.  

Reinstatement Service Cost:

The standard cost for the reinstatement fee is a $2500 non-refundable deposit and get free membership in the Association which is valued $119.99 per month upon the successful reinstatement.

That is why we suggest that sellers enroll with Amazon Seller Association before being suspended. The cost is only $119.99 a month and you pay nothing if your account is suspended. There are many clear benefits of joining AMSA when your account is not suspended.

Why you need AMSA membership?

Who wants to pay for an account health professional when Amazon is holding your funds during the suspension period? As a member of AMSA, you don’t have to spend any money to receive reinstatement services.

The most difficult reinstatements that we work on are the selling accounts where the seller has made multiple failed attempts on their own. Your membership with AMSA avoids this and also increases the probability of successful reinstatement. When we are first on-scene and our success rate is 98%.

This is why we suggest all sellers enrol with the organization now, i.e., PRIOR to your account’s suspension. The cost is as low as $99.99 a month and you will not have to bear higher costs as you wait until your account is suspended. 


When you enrol with AMSA, you avail yourself to our no-cost reinstatement services. you will also be provided with the following free benefits:

AMSA platform specialists complete a thorough review of your advertising and offer a free report of your current Amazon marketing. We also offer a review of your marketing strategy on Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. This is completely free to all new members of AMSA.

Seller Performance is building databases of rogue suppliers, untrusted suppliers, and suppliers that historically lead to negative buyer experiences. Our supply chain professionals offer guidance on how to avoid being contaminated by this database. Additionally, Seller Performance continuously requires supply documents to meet strict standards. We provide you with the latest guidance on these requirements.

Once you enroll with Amazon Seller Association, an AMSA account health professional reviews your current account health and offers critical support suggestions. Our goal is to keep you operating at optimum performance.

Our team includes expert legal authorities on Patent, Copyright and other infringement issues. Every new member receives a legal analysis of their intellectual property risks and challenges. If you’re a seller who is selling other brands or a brand owner who’s having issues with unauthorized sellers, our attorney will provide you with a free analysis. If you’re a seller who regularly receives IP Policy warnings, we can fix those too. If you’re a brand owner who requires platform management of unauthorized sellers, we offer a custom plan for you. The legal report is free to all members.

When a seller enrols with AMSA, we build a profile of their selling environment. As you continue to belong, we send you content that is relevant to your storefront. Content is great, but if you sell shoes, what is the value of information about pet supplies? Our goal is to provide you with precise information on your category, your ASINS, your browse nodes, and subcategories. This targeted content is actionable, valuable, and free.

We always answer your call. As a member, if you have a quick question, or are faced with an immediate situation, call us, we’ll answer.

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