AMSA Health & Performance.

We want to take this opportunity to stress that we are not an agency, we don't manage seller accounts, we don't handle policy violations repeatedly. What we do is show you best-practice for handling these yourself. When we work in or on your account, we openly share our work, we want you to see how we do things. To the extent that you can handle these is critical. We do minimal hand-holding but we step in directly for any business-critical health event.

AMSA Health and Performance is a training and education membership. Because we share secret-sauce's: catalog -digital shelf white, grey and black, seller support and performance best-practice,  sourcing and more, we require a non-disclosure agreement be signed.  Additionally, if you are operating using a virtual-identity, we'll need to real-identity verify you.  Upon enrollment you are immediately taken to our calendar to set up a 

AMSA H & P Common Seller Profile

1.Accounts that are littered with lost Seller-Performance battles.

It’s common for as much as 15% of a seller’s digital shelf on Amazon to be in distress. For every 1000 MSKU's, on average, 2-15 MSKUS are blocked, stranded, suppressed, restricted or frequently abrasive. Frequently abrasive includes, catalog drops, catalog adjustments, combative competitors, new barriers you needed to meet and did not. You're out-manned, out-gunned and fatigued. AMSA H& P is the membership option for you because we can step into those situations and do a mix of clean-up and on-going monitoring.

2. Large healthy accounts that are not getting what they want from their Marketplace Growth Manager, or Strategic account.

We know why you signed up for Market Place growth. You hoped that it would be the magic bullet, and more importantly, if you were ever suspended, you had a real person. By now you probably know, neither are true. $1500 to $5000 a month for paid support that is, truth be told, worse than non-captive seller support at times. What they are, are tour guides at best, and doormen at worst. You're interested in Lightening Deals? You're interested in Subscribe and Save? You’re interested in Sponsors Products? They point you in the right direction. They have no ability to perform functions. We do. We can get you involved in those and other opportunities.

3. International companies with a North American Selling account. 

When English is not your native language Amazon is very tough. Even the most English-fluent professional struggles with Amazon-Speak.Amazon communication is standardized cryptic nomenclature and uses acronyms to annotate machine learning. We support Mandarin and Spanish speaking sellers in understanding the communication.

4. Reverse Logistics Sellers.

Lost in the success of billions of Amazon orders are the returns. Purchasing containers full of Amazon returns is a big business. Sellers then grade these returns as New, New-Open Box, Refurbished, Used-Like New or Used-Damaged. Their shipped right back to Amazon for sale in these conditions. We classify these selling accounts as highly abrasive. It’s natural to this inventory segment. Amazon-Warehouse is essentially in the same segment and you'll see from their 17% negative feedback rate, it is a very tough segment.

5. Multiple accounts.

Not all sellers use multiple accounts for black hat tactics. Still, Multiple Selling accounts without an approved exemption are fatal. Most sellers with duplicate accounts (90%) do not have the exemption. Honest sellers still operate multiple seller accounts for practical financial and operational reasons. We understand this. When you enroll in AMSA H & P, our team will contact you with our NDA.

Health & Performance Membership
• No Cost Reinstatement Services.
* 60 minutes phone support w/AMSA Pro
• Monthly Health Review
• Performance Review
• Revenue & Margin Review
• Marketing Review
• Sourcing and Supplier Review
• Pricing Review
• Multi-channel Review
• NO Cost AHS Call support
• Dedicated Member Page
• Access to private groups 

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