AMSA Standard Membership

Annual membership, invoiced monthly at $99.99.   By enrolling now you'll benefit by all of content, no-cost reinstement services for a year, and as wee features and benefits you'll participate in all of the.

Any Third Party Seller with 180 current consecutive selling days is eligible to enroll in AMSA Standard. 

Amazon Sellers Association
  1. No Cost Reinstatement Services. (terms apply)
  2. Dedicated Member Page
  3. Access to Forums, Groups & Circles
  4. Access to the Association Advisories.
  5. AHS Call Support Available.
Third Party Sellers are operating on borrowed time. Take a step in a secure direction by securing professional assistance. Suspension & Account Reviews are increasingly complex, do not be alone at the most critical moments for your business. Enroll today!  
You must have 180 consecutive selling days to qualify. 




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