No-cost Reinstatement Terms and Conditions.

Each AMSA member receives a private member page.   On your member page you will find a tab named “Report my suspension”.   We’ll collect the information we require to begin the appeal process.  Once we collect the information that we need, you’ll receive a call from an AMSA Account Health Specialist usually within 60 minutes.  Its important that that you complete all required fields online prior to speaking with an AMSA Account Health Specialist.

  • Your AMSA membership needs to be paid up to date.
  • You cannot have already submitted an appeal that was denied.
  • If your account is suspended for fraud or fabricated documents.
  • If your account is suspended for being related to another suspended account.
  • If your account is suspended for violating any intellectual property violations.
  • If your unable to provide the documentation required by Seller Performance.

If your account has any of the above conditions it does not qualify for no-cost reinstatement services.

Suspension Causes that are covered by your AMSA membership are broadly defined here: 

Any Counterfeit and/or Inauthentic Complaints.

Any Condition Complaints including Used as New and/or Materially Different complaints.

Any Listing violations include Restricted Products, Variation Abuse, Catalog Manipulation, Browse Node Abuse.

Any Code of Conduct Violations including review manipulations, anti-competitive behavior, Reimbursement abuse, Seller Support Abuse, Deploying Automated Systems, Buyer Abuse.

Any Account Health Complaint, Late Ships, Late Delivery, Order Defect rate, or Voice of the Customer defects.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it really Free?

Yes, there are no hidden fees, no surprises, and no bait and switch.  If your account is suspended, we handle it at no costs.

What is the AMSA success rate?

Our success rate is 97% when we handle the entire appeal process from the beginning. Accounts that have been suspended repeatedly are the primary reason we are not successful. (twice within 180 days, or three times in a 365-day period).  These accounts have a lower chance of success.

What is AMSA’s experience?

We’ve reinstated more than 5000 selling accounts and related health problems.  We’ve worked on some of the most complex situations facing any seller.    We’ve handled suspensions for the largest sellers on Amazon where dozens if not hundreds of jobs are on the line and financial ruin is imminent.  We believe that we are the most talented account health performance team outside of Amazon.  We’re deep and seasoned in any situation.

How long does it take to be reinstated?

Depending on the severity of your suspension it can take 1-3 days to construct your plan of action.  Response times from Seller Performance can vary.  We may need to schedule a time to review your account remotely in order to fully understand the path to reinstatement.

What Happens if I am not reinstated?

Your AMSA monthly membership dues are suspended while you are suspended.  You pay no additional dues until you are reinstated.

 We offer an additional service to have your account examined by Amazon Executive Seller Relations.  ESR appeals are forensic and take two weeks.  If ESR decides to reinstate your selling privileges it often returns with listing limitations, Inventory Limitations and Disbursement holds and delays.

How many appeals do you submit for free?

Seller Performance’s tolerance for invalid appeals is generally limited to four attempts.

If we have not succeeded with four attempts then we’ll need to escalate.

Do we appeal disbursement and inventory holds?

We handle disbursement appeals if Amazon has determined that they will hold your funds.

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