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We believe that Amazon and its brand partners
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Amazon Seller Association Overview.

Our mission

  • Committing to a perfect order experience for Amazon Buyer’s by empowering its 3rd party seller community.
  • Committing to Service Leadership to all AMSA members and stakeholders.
  • AMSA is committed to provide a proactive, differentiated, and modern voice for a single unified Community.
  • Providing access to insights about Amazon’s platform technology.
  • Building a personalized and connected Marketplace of knowledge that engages the Amazon sellers in a single community.
  • Committed to helping sellers overcome the removal of their selling privileges.

We believe that Amazon and its brand partners are in the process of eliminating the sellers who do most of real business on Amazon.

The Amazon Seller Association (AMSA) is a trade association that supports third party Amazon sellers. Membership in AMSA includes no costs reinstatement services. Your AMSA membership is much like suspension insurance. We’ll explain why an AMSA membership and our no-cost reinstatement services are good choices.

Having your selling privileges removed is a frightening experience. The business is in duress. Operating in duress leads to poor decisions. Sellers either make an attempt at self-reinstatement or hire an agency, a lawyer or an account health professional. Those are all bad choices that involve spending money and include a risk of failure.

In our experience, the most difficult reinstatement work involves sellers who’ve attempted self-reinstate. By doing so, they’ve often made the situation worse. Unsuccessful reinstatement attempts are limited by Seller Performance. By the time sellers are desperate enough to hire someone, they’ve used up those valuable opportunities.   Cleaning up the harm that a seller does to their appeal is often more difficult than the original complaint that caused the suspension.   We can not stress strongly enough the benefit of having an account health specialist at your side immediately,

When AMSA members are suspended they simply call us and we immediately manage the reinstatement. The no-cost solution means you do not have to spend money. You also receive direct support from an AMSA Account Health Specialist. When an AMSA health professional is the first responder you’re in the best hands possible.

Another common mistake sellesr make is paying Amazon a monthly fee for account management or account health reports.  These fees are $1500 to $5000 a month.  Sellers pay these ridiculously high fees for the precise benefit of reinstatement support.  They soon find out; nobody has magic reinstatement influence with Seller Performance or any other influence for that matter. That includes Amazon’s paid support representatives, category managers, country managers, executive seller relations managers, strategic account managers and “a buddy” in the building.

If you’ve previously reinstated your account and you currently handle your own account health issues you should join the Amazon Seller Association.    Even if you write your own ASIN level POA’s, even if you disagree with our diagnosis and remedy, it’s an enormous value-add to have our seasoned input.  Every seller, even those in the top 100, benefits from our combined experience and knowledge.


“we help with all issues”

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We enroll all of our critical clients in the Amazon Seller Association strictly for the reinstatement services. Our largest pain point was client churn due to suspensions and we’d lose the advertising client. Our turnover rate is 65% lower using AMSA. Nobody understands Amazon Account Health as well they do.

Ray Bradbury
Director of Client Retention.

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