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Do you sell services and software to 3P Amazon Sellers?

We offer service providers organizational flat rate pricing and always include no-cost reinstatement services with every AMSA Membership.Your organization’s logo and information are used on your members pages. You are able to add new members, delete members, and move members between the membership types.  You can even make private content that only your members see.

  • Consider including an AMSA Membership as an add-on bundle with your product or service.
  • Tell your clients or new prospect they’ll receive no-cost professional reinstatement services from the Amazon Seller Association with their purchase. (helpful for annuals)

Many agencies and service providers have unseasoned, inexperienced and expensive account health employees on staff.  Consider cutting those labor costs by shifting the clients into AMSA Standard or AMSA Health at heavily discounted organizational flat rate membership.

  • Plans start at $4000 per month. 
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We believe that Amazon and its brand partners are in the process of eliminating the sellers who do most of real business on Amazon.

SAVE $499

Enrolment fee waived, get these benefits, Advertising Support, Listing Support

We enroll all of our critical clients in the Amazon Seller Association strictly for the reinstatement services. Our largest pain point was client churn due to suspensions and we’d lose the advertising client. Our turnover rate is 65% lower using AMSA. Nobody understands Amazon Account Health as well they do.

Ray Bradbury
Director of Client Retention.

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