AMSA Health Membership 

AMSA Health offers our monthly analysis of your Amazon storefront. Each AMSA Health member receives guidance, warnings or advise on the risks to your selling privileges. 

Invoiced at $399.99 per month. One-time $499.99 enrollment fee required.

Amazon Seller Association Health Membership
  • No Cost Reinstatement Services.
  • Monthly Health Review
  • Dedicated Member Page
  • Access to Forums & Private Groups
  • No Cost Educational Material
  • Phone support available
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Opt into AMSA Standard at 180 consecutive selling days.
  • Access to AMSA professionals. 

Quarterly membership. Cancel or drop down to AMSA standard at anytime.

Do you have a health plan in place?  Do you have a Marketplace Growth or Strategic Manager? Do you feel you have a command of what is going on in your selling account?  Please take the time to watch why AMSA Health is an enormous value to your account.

  • AMSA Health is a report on your digital shelf.
  • We do not access your account. If account access is required we use remote desktop tools.
  • We deliver actionable intelligence specific to browse nodes.
  • Amazon is deploying node specific deep learning algorithms
  • AMSA Health offers unique insights into the opaqueness of these Bayesian Scripts.



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