Free Advertising Account Audit

Free Amazon Advertising Account Audit worth $500

Audit is the most effective way to understand how well your amazon advertising campaigns are doing, what are the improvement opportunities and to identify and fix the problems. We do this for free to all our members.

Our team of experts review the amazon seller advertising account of our members and give an one time audit report for free which include audit in more than 10 parameters with which advertisers can improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Investing in Amazon’s advertising campaigns will help you improve visibility and discoverability over competitors. But if not done right, your advertising investment will fail to reap the required benefits. Therefore, we at AMSA provide Amazon Account Advertising Audit to our members so that they can make most out of their advertising investments on Amazon. 


Here’s how we go about it!

Performance Analysis 

Our experts conduct a thorough audit by scanning through your Amazon Seller account and identify the problem areas and what has worked for your account. Performance analysis and evaluation involve taking a deeper look into different parameters such as campaign performance, sales conversion ratio, inventory management, portfolio management, and buy box percentage among others. Experts also examine your keyword usage and the optimization opportunities utilized on the product listings page

Product Listings

A strong presence can be built on Amazon only by adopting a strategic approach towards improving the products listing page. A comprehensive evaluation of the backend keywords used on the products listing page to understand which keywords are working for your account and which are not. An evaluation of the overall health of the account is performed along with checking whether you are in line with the Amazon guidelines for advertising your products. Our experts will help you a develop a strategy to improve and enhance your product listing to make them rank higher than your competitors and improve conversion rate. 

Campaign Structure Audit 

Any successful advertising account must have a proper campaign structure for it to perform better. Our account managers will monitor your campaigns and suggest necessary adjustments that will help in improving its performance. The focus is to be ahead of the competition at all times. Experts will also give you insights on if your campaigns are underspending or overspending and will suggest more profitable ways to create campaigns.


You can avail Amazon Account Advertising Audit Service for free only by becoming an AMSA member. We focus on helping members to make the most of their advertising efforts ad spends on Amazon, and we do this by understanding the problems they are facing with their products ranking lower on Amazon SERP. Our experts will do a thorough audit of members’ advertising and campaign performances, the mistakes they are making, and the areas of improvement. 

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