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Free IP Legal review worth $1500

Every new member of AMSA qualifies for a no-cost examination of your US Selling account. The examiner is a US Patent Attorney with 15 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property Rights Acquisition, Litigation, and Pre-litigation/Settlement. 

After you complete enrollment you’ll be taken to a form to arrange the examination. 

The majority of the sales on Amazon are done by sellers who don’t own the IP Rights for the ASIN’s that they sell.   In this environment, it’s probable that you have lingering IP Violations residing in your account health dashboard.

Or you are being reported repeatedly by abusive rights owners, even after proving to seller performance that your goods are authentic and acquired legally in the stream of commerce.

Perhaps you’re on generic listings where the brand is not trademarked, or the trademark does not apply to the actual product being sold.  These listings are susceptible to policy violations from rogue IP reporters and can be extremely difficult to unwind.

Alternatively, you could own the IP and are having issues with sellers violating your IP.  Perhaps you have abused the reporting tools, and as a result your ability to police your IP has been limited.

Additionally, if you own a product and you need an examination in order to receive a patent or trademark guidance.

You can enroll today for just $119.99 and get this member benefit, along with our no-cost reinstatement service and additional free member benefits.

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