AMSA Health and Performance Service

AMSA charges $350 to advise and consult on Policy Violations.  This service may require that we examine your account remotely using team viewer.  Team Viewer is free and you can download It here.

Once you’ve completed the payment, an AMSA professional will contact you to facilitate the service.

Please note, if your policy violation requires a plan of action, our $350 charge includes a review of the violation, a review of your account, and the details you’ll require to reply appropriately.

If you have multiple violations and/or you want AMSA to write and submit the documents there are additional charges.  Those will be covered in our initial analysis.  Our maximum fee is $650.00 to write appeals for up to 4 asins.   Most members succeed with our $350.00 service.  However, due to varying degree of complications and requirements we may require additional fees.