Report a suspension

Report a suspension

If you’re an AMSA member you should report your suspension by logging in and using the tools we provide on your private members only page.  Login here.

If you’re not an AMSA member and you’d like us to handle your reinstatement you should visit this page.  Our cost to work on a non-member suspension is a $1500.00 non-refundable deposit. Upon reinstatement you’re charged an additional full year of dues in AMSA

Member sellers and non-member sellers play a key role in our success and in shortening the length of suspension.

Depending on the suspension reason we’ll request documents from you in our reporting dashboard.  Be prepared to upload or email your full suspension notice from Amazon in PDF Format.  We prefer the full header of the notice.  You can put the notice in Forward Status and print that in order to show the full header. 

We prefer to not log into your Seller Central account, instead we use Team Viewer remote desktop.  Its free and you can download it here.  Windows Remote Desktop is acceptable if you can’t use Team Viewer for any reason. After you submit the documents, we request you’ll be directed to a calendar to schedule the remote session.

 Once we make our initial analysis of your account, we will identify what we’ll require to get your account reinstated as fast as possible. Amazon suspensions are as varied as they are complex. Depending on your suspension notice you’ll need to be prepared for documentation requests such as Proof of Purchase, Shipping Records, Product Information, Business and Personal Identity Documents.

Amazon is continuously updating the algorithms that monitor your selling account. New and negative signals can originate from something you’ve been doing for months or years.   Simultaneously it could be something harmless that tipped the scale of a probability score.  It can also be a false positive whereby Amazon’s made a mistake.

This is how we’re able to support reinstatement much quicker. We understand the signals and are able to get at the root cause immediately. We then contribute remedial and preventive actions that are perfectly in line with Seller Performance expectations. 

Our primary focus is account health. As an AMSA member you can rest easy knowing you have professional assistance in your most difficult moments.

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We enroll all of our critical clients in the Amazon Seller Association strictly for the reinstatement services. Our largest pain point was client churn due to suspensions and we’d lose the advertising client. Our turnover rate is 65% lower using AMSA. Nobody understands Amazon Account Health as well they do.

Ray Bradbury
Director of Client Retention.

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