Testimonials 1

We enroll all of our critical clients in the Amazon Seller Association strictly for the reinstatement services. Our largest pain point was client churn due to suspensions and we’d lose the advertising client. Our turnover rate is 65% lower using AMSA. Nobody understands Amazon Account Health as well they do.

Ray Bradbury
Director of Client Retention.

Strategically it makes sense to join AMSA because we don’t own the brands that we sell.
Our Amazon Selling account is continuously receiving inauthentic and IP complaints submitted by aggressive brands, competitors and rogue buyers. We were suspended three times with two years. Mike and his team were able to get us reinstated each time. The AMSA monthly membership dues are a bargain.

Morey Amsterdam
Beauty Supply Chain.

Our selling privileges were suspended 5 days after joining AMSA. We were a bit worried we wouldn’t qualify for free reinstatement. I used my member page to report my suspension. I received a call an hour later at 9:55 pm. They asked me a few questions and the next day I was sent the documents. A plan of action, and an MSDS sheet I needed but couldn’t find on my own. Totally professional operation.

Daniel Cameo
President Mega Mom Brands

I make most of my sales on Holidays. I rely on that money because I’m a single mom and if I lost the account it would be hard. Thankfully I’ve never been suspended but it lowers my stress to know I have AMSA if something goes terribly wrong.

Jory Brazille
Handmade Goods.

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